Wider re-opening of school from 1st June 2020

Monday 18th May 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are all well and continuing to cope with the situation that we currently find ourselves in regarding the COVID 19 pandemic.

As you will be aware we are preparing to re-open schools for children in Year R,1 and 6 from the 1st June 2020. This letter is going out to all members of the school community, in order that everyone can be informed of the situation and how school will run from this time.

The arrangements at Broughton may differ slightly from other schools that you know and this is because all head teachers have completed risk- assessments for their individual schools. We have to take into account many factors: logistics, building size and structure, facilities and timetables. This letter aims to give you a full picture of how the school will run and the reasons for these changes.

Basic Rationale: Reducing the risk of transmission

Schools are being asked to put measures in place that reduce the risk of children transmitting the virus between both themselves and the adults working in the schools. In order to do this the following practices will be strictly adhered to:

N.B: Throughout this letter I will refer to a ‘bubble’, this is a group of children who will be together for the duration of the time and the adult who will be teaching them. They will not interact with any other ‘bubbles’ at school.

  • Children and staff will work within their own ‘bubble’, where social distancing measures will apply. They will not interact with other bubbles, during the school day and will eat meals and have playtimes in them. Items that are transferred between home and schools will be kept to a minimum and classrooms will be adapted to facilitate effective cleaning.
  • Children will have clear and regular handwashing/ hygiene routines. All surfaces and shared facilities will be disinfected regularly throughout the day.
  • Children will be taught in their bubbles, initially Year R, 1 and 6. Where needed, Key-worker children will continue to attend school, in their own ‘bubble’ Home- learning will continue for those at home.

How this will work:

Badgers class- will be the workplace for year 6, Otters class for year 1 and Foxes class for keyworker children. Squirrels class in Conker Lodge will be the base for Year R. We have the capacity for all the children in each of these year groups and for 15 key worker children. (How this is decided)

Priority levels:

1.    Children (any year) with 2 keyworker parents (or 1 if sole parent) and children in receipt of a EHCP

2.    Children (any year) with 1 keyworker parent

Below is a proposed time table of how this will work in school. Please note that initially we will open mornings only – to allow adequate time for thorough cleaning and to ensure that teachers have time to plan and facilitate the remote learning that continues for other Year groups. We also need to be able to review practice in order to ensure the safety of all he children and staff.


This will begin from Monday 1/6/2020 for Year R and Year 6 and Wednesday 3/6/20 for Year 1

Keyworker provision will continue through to 3.30pm. It will not be possible for children to move from one group to another, for the reasons that I have given previously.



Year R

Year 1

Year 6

Key Worker



Mrs Hudgell

Miss Morris

Miss Ayers

Miss Lee








No of children











Start of day




Enter at Fire door point on main drive

Enter at ‘usual door’

(from 7.50am)



Enter at Otters outside door




Conker Lodge Front door









(Groups to play separately)


(Groups to play separately)













Lunch in Conker

Lunch in classroom


(Groups to play separately)


(Groups to play separately)




Lunch in classroom

Lunch in classroom

Going home


Collect from Conker Lodge Front door



Carry on with learning/play in the afternoon



Wait at the front area of school





Leave from Fire Exit on main drive





Collection from playground




Other information:


  1. Drop off and pick up

Please observe social distancing during these times. We will not be able to admit parents into the school buildings. Please communicate with us via e-mail or telephone if there are issues to discuss. We will get back to you quickly. We would ask that you keep to the times to avoid bottle necks etc. and only 1 parent/ carer per family. Please be aware of those areas that are narrow. It is helpful if you can tell your child that it will be different.

  1. Social Distancing

Please observe social distancing from other families. We will be trying to do this at school and it would be very helpful if parents can talk to their children about this and the reasons that it is important.

  1. PPE

Please don’t send children with masks and other forms of PPE. There is increased risk of transmission from PPE that is incorrectly used, and it also encourages children to touch their faces. The government do not feel that it is necessary for teachers to wear PPE, however I feel that the staff should do what they feel most comfortable with. If staff wish to wear PPE I will support this, since they have increased vulnerability in this situation. We will of course talk to the  children about this.

  1. Symptoms

If your child, you or anyone else in your household develops symptoms, you must all isolate. If anyone in your child’s bubble, gets symptoms, the whole bubble must self- isolate for 14 days. We understand that testing will be available.

  1. Uniform

The children should wear uniform that is easily cleanable. We advise short sleeves. You may wish children to change once they return home. We want to avoid equipment coming to and from school, so no bookbags, pencil cases, toys, phones, books please. The children will need a named bottle and snack, lunch box, if needed and P.E kit. The lockers will not be in use.

  1. Equipment

The children will have a set of their own equipment for their own use. The younger children will have resources that can be sterilised between use.

  1. First-aid

We will deal with minor incidents within the ‘bubble’ using a First Aid kit. Any larger incidents will be referred to Mrs Macey, who will contact you, as is the norm.


As always the well-being of the children and the staff at Broughton are at the centre of the decisions that I have made at this time.

In preparation for re-opening I have completed a full risk assessment and followed the guidelines as directed by the Government, Hampshire County Council and Public Health England. I know that when we open on June 1st it will be a different environment for the children than the one that they left. The reasons for this are important and necessary and I know that children are adaptable. It would be most helpful if you can discuss this with your child/ren before they come back, in order to manage expectations. I will provide a new video tour of the classrooms to help with this.

If you have any questions about any of this information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I understand that the decision to send your child back to school is a complex one and that views may differ and vary. It is important that information is shared openly in order that you are able to make the decision that is right for you and your family.

To parents of children in Year R,1 and 6, on receipt and reading of this letter and following discussion, please e-mail school to let us know if your child will or will not be attending on 1st / 3rd June 2020.

Best regards


Lucy Macey- Headteacher