Multiplication Booklets


As some of you already know, at Broughton Primary School we use a system of graded booklets to help the children to practise and learn their times tables. This year we have added some additional booklets to provide further challenge and also to assist key stage 1 children with learning their number bonds.


The order of the booklets is as follows:


For Key Stage 1 children

Green Book

Rainbow Book

(These booklets focus on number bonds)


Multiplication booklets for Key stage 1 and 2:





A Gold + booklet has been added as an additional challenge for children in year 3 or 4.


A Platinum and a Diamond booklet have been added to provide further challenge in year 5 or 6.


Then for a real challenge the last book is Kyrptonite. The hardest of them all. If you conquer this you are a true maths wizard! 


When your child starts a new booklet, they will bring home a copy to work on at home. Once children show confidence when tested at each level they are rewarded with a badge that is presented in our Friday assemblies and they will move on to the next one.


Should you have any questions regarding these booklets, please speak to either myself or your child’s teacher.