Our curriculum at Broughton Primary School encompasses the following aims to meet the needs of our children.  The French curriculum is a vehicle to bring these aims to life.


Aims of our curriculum


  • ENGAGEPro-actively engage children in their education and help them to be responsible for their successes and achievements both academically and socially

We believe children should be active in their learning and therefore ensure a range of teaching methods to introduce the language in various ways including (but not restricted to) story, song and games.


  • EVALUATEThey will have the ability to evaluate the choices they can make and make conscious decisions based on these evaluations

Children are encouraged to analyse and compare previous language learnt and use this to inform their understanding of new vocabulary and language structures.  Connections are made with grammar learning in Literacy to explain linguistic points.


  • EMPOWER- The children will feel empowered and unafraid of challenge or initial failure

Children learn to have a desire to embrace challenging activities, including talking to peers in the target language or giving class presentations.


  • RESPONSIBLEThe children will have a developed sense of shared responsibility for things outside their immediate person.

During French lessons, there are many opportunities for peer learning through language games and paired activities.


  • ENJOYMENT- The children will love/ look forward to coming to school (the majority of the time!)

Exciting, interactive lessons with the emphasis on having fun in French are the norm at Broughton Primary!