Summer 2


This term we have a history focus! Our topic is called 'Kings and Queens'. 

We will start off by taking part in Jubilee celebrations and then finding out our Queen, including what she does in a day, where she lives and why she is important. 

After learning about our current Queen we will then be comparing her to Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth i and Henry VIII. We will learn all about these time periods and think about which time we would like to of experienced. 

After becoming experts in this area, we will be creating a gallery to share with the parents at the end of the half term. We can't wait to show you! 


Although this is not the focus of our topic, we will be using the correct vocabulary of our countries, finding out about the UK and learning about the capital cities. We will also learn about the common wealth countries. 


This term Hampshire Music service will continue to provide our music lessons. We will be learning the Samba and performing at the end of the half term in a special assembly. 


This term we will be learning about and creating amazing portraits! We will start by making ourselves into Kings and Queens and drawing a portrait for our castle role play area. The children will then learn about portraits and self portraits. They will look at a variety of art from past Kings and Queens and learn about the different styles (such as pop art). We will then have a go at creating our own using paint, lino and mixed media. Finally we will create our own art work to take home. 


Design Technology

This term we will be creating fabulous cardboard castles! The children will be working in small groups to make sure their castles are functional and include the features that we have been learning about (e.g. moat, turrets). We will also be learning to create a winding mechanism which will give us a working draw bridge! I hope that they will be excellent! 


Throughout this term, we will be learning about what an animation is and building on the skills we learned during our Great Fire of London unit. The children will be creating their own short animations using a fairy tale as a basis. We will then share these with your in an assembly towards the end of the year. 


Throughout this term we will be reading and enjoy lots of exciting texts about princesses, knights, dragons and royalty! 

Learning Journey 1: This term we will start off with a Talk for Writing unit. The children will be learning to write suspense type texts after they receive an exciting story hook. Our unit is called 'Defeating a dragon'. The outcome of this unit is a story which involves a deep, dark forest and a fire breathing dragon! 

Learning Journey 2:For this part of the term we will be using the excellent text 'The Queen's Knickers'. The children will enjoy reading the series of books, creating their own pair of royal knickers and creating a plan to help guard the royal underwear! 

Learning Journey 3: 'The Queen's hat' and 'The Queen's handbag' will be our last unit of English this half term. The children will start by creating information texts about the Queen using their learning from our History unit. They will then create their own version of one of the stories, but changing the item that the Queen loses (e.g. The Queen's scarf). We will then be sharing these stories with our families at home! 


Unit 1: Fractions- The children will be learning to find fractions of shapes and amounts and then applying this to problems such as 'Does it matter if it is equal?' and 'Who has more..' type questions. 

Unit 2:Time- The children will become experts (hopefully!) in telling the time to the nearest; hour, half an hour and 15 minutes. We will learn the correct vocabulary to use when talking about time and everyone will learn their birthday. 

Unit 3: Money- We will revisit this unit and make sure that all children can identify the coins and notes that we use. The children will practise paying for amounts and learn how to make an amount in multiple different ways. 

Unit 4: Shape- We will continue to be confident in 2D and 3D shape, compare them with each other and use our knowledge to solve problems. 

Unit 5: Measure- Capacity and Weight. The children will use story books to solve problems that involve measurements. We will enjoy solving lots of different problems and try to use our knowledge in practical settings. This unit will be a lot of fun! 


We will also be completing our daily 5 every day where the children will continue to practise questions with the four operations using their mental maths skills. 



This term is a big term for the ks1 children! We have lots of exciting events that we will be attending. It starts off with a KS1 athletics tournament at King Somborne, which we are sending a few children to. We then have Sports Day where we are going to show off our amazing sporting ability to the other year groups and finally towards the end of the term we have a Tri Golf competition against other schools in our cluster. 

In our P.E lessons this term we will be completing strike and field type activities and gymnastics. 



Our unit of learning this term is called 'Water' and focuses on what we use water for. We will be learning about the word 'ritual' and understanding what rituals we do at school every day. This will then help us to find rituals that we complete at home. Once we have understood the meaning of this word, we will then move onto finding out about rituals in different religions (such as the Hindu's). 



This term we are going to start off by learning all about democracy. We will solve the question 'What is fair?' and try and find places we can see democracy. 

Towards the end of this term we will be thinking about transition by taking part in 'move up Mondays', writing to our new teachers and thinking about our aspirations for next year.