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The building


The original school building was built in 1910. It has seen a great many changes in its time, and has undergone major building and refurbishment programmes in recent years.

Following the completion of a new hall and offices in 1996 we added a new library and teaching area in 2004. An adjoining kitchen and storage area was completed in 2006.  A sun canopy was constructed in 2007 to provide shade over the sand pit and adjacent seating area and our latest addition, Conker Lodge, was installed in Autumn 2008.

In Summer 2013, we re-developed a wild area to provide a wood-barked playground extension, and converted a high ceiling void into an attractive small group work room.

In 2014, we upgraded our stage lighting to full LED provision and bought a new modular stage system. This year we plan to refurbish the pupil toilets and put down artificial turf around our large sandpit to allow more all-weather access.


The whole site has Meru wireless IT connectivity.


The finished effect successfully blends traditional and modern styles that provide a happy and secure school in which your children can thrive.


Early Birds club meets in the hall from 7.45am. Children can be dropped off (without booking) for a daily fee of £2. It is run by Mrs. Martin who is a qualified Learning Support Assistant.


After school club runs daily (on demand) and children can stay up to 5.30pm. The cost is from £2 to £7(depending on the time attended), and places need to be booked 36 hours in advance to ensure staffing is in place.


The library


The non-fiction section of the library is classified according to the Dewey system, while the fiction texts are attractively displayed to enable easy access for all ages and reading ability. Our generous stock of books is regularly changed - we ask the children which titles they would like to see next in the library.  To encourage our young readers to try new fiction, the fiction section is grouped by suggested ages for books rather than just alphabetical. For the youngest readers and adult-led session helps them choose their next step reading alongside their banded book scheme reading.


Sports facilities


We have our own sports field, known as 'The Acre', and we are able to teach a wide range of sports, as well as hosting football, netball, and athletics events. We have created an exciting playground with safe playzones for younger children. The school hall doubles as a multi-activity gymnasium complete with wallbars and other equipment. In the last couple of years, we have been very successful winning the Test Valley cluster events in football, netball and cross-country. Our netball team went on to represent Test Valley at the Hampshire Games and our Year 3/4 team won the Andover & District tag rugby tournament.  In recognition of our excellent facilities and opportunities on offer, external assessors awarded us Silver medal in the Sainsbury's School Games ranking system - one of only 2 awarded in Test Valley in 2013. In 2014-15, we went one step better and were awarded Gold status - the only school in the Test Valley!

We use our sports premium funding to extend swimming to years 1&2, and do not charge for any of our sports clubs even when run by outside professionals.


Environmental provision


Broughton School is in a delightful setting, and our award winning conservation area, with its two ponds and chalk grassland adds to the rich learning environment.

The children care for the garden as part of their class curriculum work, during Golden Time and as members of the Gardening club.

In 2006, a willow sculpture was planted on the Acre by the children and parents.

The pond area was extensively refurbished by the village environmental team in Summer 2011.

In April 2012, the school council planted a 'Jubilee' oak tree to commemorate the Queen's Diamond jubilee.

In 2013, we joined the HCC Trailblazer scheme for outdoor education, and have an "eco-council" comprising 8 eco-warriors from across the school.

In 2015, we won a £250 eco-award in recognition of the work the children do outside in the school grounds.

Our Year 6 cohort, each year, plant a tree (or trees) at designated locations around the village to commemorate their time at the primary school and to enhance the local environment.  This is done in collaboration with the Parish Council and the local community. 


Provision for disabled pupils


The School has level wheelchair access to the major school entrances and ground floor accommodation including a disabled adult and pupil toilets. All children at Broughton School are treated equally under the school’s admission policy and are encouraged to take part in all activities to the best of their ability.




The pre-school group based in our Conker Lodge building is categorised as Outstanding by Ofsted. They use many of our facilities and the transition for children moving up to our Year R is simple and smooth. The children are familiar with our premises and staff, and essentially just move one room along in the Conker Lodge building.


Future plans


We like to think big at our school!

Recent plans, thanks in part due to joint funding with FOBS (Friends of Broughton School - our PTA group), included redevelopment of the staff room to include a pupil kitchen, new staging, lighting for drama productions and adding climbing ropes to our hall gymnastics equipment. The next phase of investment will be hand held technology such as i-pads. We have upgraded our wireless connectivity and have a trial batch of i-pads in use before they are rolled out across the school.


We are very proud of the learning environment at our school. Please come and take a look!

Take a look round the original building