Autumn 1

A Day in Foxes Class


Curriculum Drivers 

Our curriculum drivers lessons are the first thing we do every day. We learn about many different things across the curriculum through our five school drivers; Outdoor learning, Rights Respecting, Literature, Real Life Learner and Headspace. 

This term in Outdoor Learning, we are expanding our knowledge of maps of the world and Europe through a range of different games and activities. This will help us deepen our understanding for our Geography lessons about France. 

Our Literature lessons are all based on the work of Herge and his character Tintin. We will learn the history of Tintin before exploring the story of the Missing Unicorn, becoming detectives ourselves to try and help solve the mystery! 

In Real Life Learning, we are linking of scientific understanding of electricity and ensuring we know how to be safe around electrical items. We will also be looking at the importance of lowering our energy usage in the home and learning about small changes we can make to help this. 

This terms Headspace and Rights lessons are very closely linked as we are exploring the importance of being unique through Articles 7 and 8 (Right to a name and right to an identity). We will be discussing how important it is to be proud of identity through stories such as 'Odd Dog Out' by Rob Biddulph and write acrostic poems using our names to celebrate what makes us special.



In English this term, we are learning all about Paris through the story 'A Lion in Paris' by Beatrice Alemanga. The story is about a lion who travels to Paris to find love, a job and a future but gets very homesick when he arrives because everybody is ignoring him. He visits many of Paris' landmarks before finding a new home on a plinth where everybody celebrates him. We will be rewriting the story with our own animal, thinking carefully about what adjectives we use to describe and trying to use a range of conjunctions. 


This term in Maths, we are focussing on consolidating our understanding of place value, including hundreds and thousands. We will use different concrete resources to represent the numbers in different ways before thinking about finding 10,100, 1000 more or less and rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000. We will then move onto looking and methods to add and subtract.


This term's Science topic is electrifying as we explore electricity! Our discovery task began by looking at a lamp and a torch to see if we can find similarities and differences between both. Throughout the term, we will sort items which need electricity and whether these are battery or mains powered, explore what we need to make a working circuit and how to create a working circuit, make master circuit makers and predict whether or not particular circuits will work and finally learn about insulators and conductors in order to help us making a working switch out of household objects. 


Our Geography topic this term is a case study all about Paris! We will begin by making sure we have a good understanding of where Paris is in the world before focussing on what makes Paris such a unique capital city. We will learn about some of Paris' most famous landmarks and even interview somebody who used to live in Paris to find out what it was like to live there. Our English texts 'A Lion in Paris' and 'A Walk in Paris' will give us some in depth knowledge of what it would be like to walk the streets so that we are able to create our own tourist leaflets about what to expect when you visit the city for yourselves!



This term we are lucky enough to have Hampshire Music Service to teach us music. Our instrument for Autumn 1 is 'African Percussion'. In these lessons, we will learn the names of different percussion instruments and how to play these to particular rhythms and songs. 



Our focus for the term is 'Belonging'. We will explore what it means to 'belong' before thinking about what it means for individuals who feel they 'belong' to particular religions.