Autumn Term 2


So far this term, we have been looking at fractions. From finding equivalent fractions by simplifying (using our knowledge of multiples and factors), we have been able to order and compare fractions with different denominators. The Year 6s used the book ‘Fractions in Disguise’ to search for equivalent fractions. We have also been adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators by converting them to a common multiple.


We have just moved onto shape and have been looking at properties of 2D and 3D shapes e.g. sides, edges, faces, vertices. Year 5s have been looking at 2D representations of 3D shapes and recognising and drawing nets and Year 6 have been learning about the features of a circle e.g. diameter, radius and circumference. We have also been drawing shapes to given dimensions and calculating missing angles.



We began this half term with a brand-new writing journey using the text driver 'Can We Save the Tiger?' - a book which looks at endangered species and their threats. We have been practicing many different grammatical features e.g. expanded noun phrases, using subordinate clauses to begin sentences and conjunctions too by researching our own endangered animal. We have then created our own information texts on our chosen animal.


Things are starting to get Christmassy and we have two writing journeys left before Christmas! Our first one is based on the recently released 'A Night at the Frost Fair' by Emma Carroll where we will be creating our own time-slip narratives and then we will be using the Cadbury's Christmas advert 'Unwrap the Joy' to write our own festive news articles.


Guided Reading

The first two weeks of term have been spent looking at some war poetry - one week on Jessie Pope's 'Who's for the Game?' and another on Dulce et Decorum est by Wilfred Owen. During these sessions, we retrieved the description of senses, text-marked unfamiliar vocabulary and thought carefully about the poem's message and who their intended audience was.


Curriculum Drivers

Literature - This term, we are looking at Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. We have already designed our own treasure maps complete with instructions and completed a character analysis of Long John Silver.

Rights - We are focusing on our Outright outcome this term and thinking carefully about mental health. We have spent time designing motivational messages intended to spread positivity.

Real life learner - We will be crafting our own bird boxes later in the term as part of our DT learning.

Head space - This term, we are thinking carefully about risks and pressures and how to deal with any stresses that we may encounter.

Outdoor learning - We all really enjoyed the recent outdoor learning day and are making the most of our opportunities to venture outside into our grounds to learn. We will be completing some of our scientific investigations and experiments on making new substances using the outdoors.



This term, our geography topic is Economic Activity. We will be looking specifically at the trade in the Ivory Coast, its distance from us in the UK and how it contributes to the products that we consume. We began the term by locating Africa and describing its countries' locations using compass points e.g. north, south, east, west. We will then be thinking about what connects us to the Ivory Coast and where/who grows cocoa and how it gets to us in the UK. 



We have been using codes so far to programme an avatar. We spent the first week tinkering with the software and learning more about how to use codes to move forward, back, left and right . We have then progressed to use codes to change colours, create geometric shapes and begin to form designs of our own. 


Remembrance Day Service

We had the honour on Thursday 11th November to walk down to the church for the Remembrance Day Service. Mr Lloyd led the session which explained how local troops contributed to war efforts and we heard some personal stories from people who experienced war first hand. As well as this, we ventured around the churchyard to find plaques and gravestones which remember those who sacrificed so much for us. We planted crosses on those graves and also carried out two minutes silence to reflect on the brave people and how grateful we are. When we returned to school, we created poppies with our own poems on. We have displayed this in our class as a constant reminder. 



We have started off our new science topic on new substances by considering the difference between reversible and irreversible changes. We thought carefully about examples that we may encounter in our day to day life and realised that often, irreversible changes alter a property of the substance e.g. colour, temperature, texture. As the term progresses, we will be conducting our own experiments to determine if we have made a new substance. 



This term, we are looking at the interpretation of the Christmas stories. Already this term, we have compared Matthew and Luke's account and have considered how two people that may have been at the same event can have different versions of events. 



Tag rugby and gymnastics are on the agenda for PE this term and we have enjoyed the first few weeks of skill-based sport in tag rugby and practicing our balances/shapes in gymnastics. We will be working towards a group routine which we will perform at the end of term including choreography which takes into account the balances and shapes learnt.