Welcome to Badgers!

Welcome to Badgers Class page.  The children in Badgers are in years 5 and 6 (aged 9-11 years) their teacher is Miss Ayers and their teaching assistant is Mrs. Pearson.


Year 6 Leavers Photos

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Year 6 Leavers Video

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In the Year 5 Zoom lesson we wrote some ‘boasting’ poems- Take a look!

Welcome Back Year 6!

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Chapter 4

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Goodnight Mister Tom - Chapter 3

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Chapter 2 - Goodnight Mister Tom

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Weekly Class Newsletter




Get an adult at home to sign your bingo square once you have completed that reading task.  Will you be able to get a full house across the month? Remember to update Miss Ayers with how you are getting on.

Keeeeeep reading!


Read and memorise a poem, then perform it to someone at home to make them smile


Read the instructions to a game so you can play it


Read a recipe in order to bake something tasty


Design a new front cover for a book that you have read


Design a Top Trumps card for a character from a book you have read – what are their strengths and weaknesses?

Write a new blurb for a book you have read – summarise it without giving too much away


Read with expression – give different characters different voices


Read something that arrived in the post


Read a non-fiction book based around your current class topic or something which interests you

Read in an unusual place and take a photo of yourself doing this


Read an appropriately ages news / magazine article or comic


Pick up the phone and read to a relative – it could be a poem or some jokes

Read in the dark with a torch


Read a page of your book in your funniest voice


Read to a pet or one of your teddies


Draw and label a character from the book you are reading – feelings, physical description and their personality

Read wearing your favourite pyjamas


Listen to an audiobook or a story on a CD/MP3


Read a book by your favourite author


Read for 30 minutes


Recommend a book you enjoyed to a friend or family member


Write a letter to a friend or family member telling them about a book you have read recently

Read to a younger or older sibling or another family member 3 times


Explore a picture book and then create your own story for it


Play ‘Pass the Book’ – on a given word or signal, change the person who is reading

A message from Mrs Macey

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A message from Miss Ayers

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Online safety during home learning

Below are links to websites which have a variety of activities you can complete with your children during the home learning time to remind them of the importance of being safe online and how to stay safe.

This link has a variety of activities you can complete including creating a family agreement, taking part in online safety quizzes (which could be done individually or in a competitive situation to make it more fun), and an activity to explore screen time and finding a balance.


Support for parents/ carers: - This website gives specific guidance on apps or popular trends (ie Tiktok, Houseparty  etc). You can search specific apps and it gives them a suitability rating and gives advice on how to make the app ‘safer’.

Advice on particular topics (internet gaming, internet assisted devices etc.)

A toolkit with advice on how to tackle tricky conversations

Is your child due to start primary school in September 2021 - if you would like to arrange a meeting with Mrs Macey please the school office to arrange a time.