Summer 1


This term we are learning all about the sinking of the Titanic. We will start off our learning journey with a pre quiz, and then find out what is under the cloth (lots of exciting artefacts and pictures) to get the children excited about our topic. 

We will then revisit the story of the Titanic, create our own timeline of the events and understand about life onboard the ship. We will learn about the different classes and compare our lives to those of the crew and guests. 

We will also think about where the Titanic sailed too and from and identify what ocean it crossed on a map. 

After finding out about the events from lots of different sources we will then answer the question 'What do you think made the Titanic sink?' by investigating the different factors involved. We will then use this to inform our thinking about how sailing has been made safer in the modern day. 

Next we will be testing our knowledge by competing in class games, thinking about overheard conversations and thinking about why we still remember the events. 

Finally we will create a class PowerPoint presentation to inform our parents and the rest of the school about the Titanic. 


As a school, this term we will be focusing on 'getting on and falling out'. We will be completing 3 weeks of workshops centred around this topic and at the end we will create a fabulous exhibition in the school hall all about what we have found out. All of the children will learn what a good friend is, what to do when things are going wrong and how to have an effective break time. We will be learn about what a small problem looks like and when to seek help with a problem. In the final session we will be thinking about what makes us unique and accepting others differences. We can't wait to show you our amazing work! 



This term we are learning about Power. We will think about what this word means and who has power in our classroom, in our school and in the world. After this we will then be moving onto find out about Ganesh and how important he is to Hindus. 



This term is another loud term! We will learning Samba. There will be a performance a the end of the summer term. 


This term we are lucky enough to have two outside agencies taking our P.E! On a Monday afternoon, we are going to have tennis lessons where we will learn how to hold the racket correctly and how to control the ball. 

On a Tuesday afternoon, we will continue to have Mrs Devereux who is going to get us ready for Sports Day! We will be learning athletics so that we are the fastest class in the school! 



This term we are going to be starting off with some topic specific learning about materials. We will start off by carrying out investigations about floating and sinking. We will then enjoy learning all about ice! I will then be assessing the children's learning by asking them the questions 'Can we make an outfit for a teddy to keep them dry?'

After this unit of work we will move onto the final science learning journey of the year. This will last until the end of the summer term.  The learning journey is called 'making new plants' and will involve lots of planting! This half term we will plant our own plants from mystery seeds, walking round the grounds to spot flowers and plants with seeds and then investigating the question; 'Does cress produce a seed?'



Our unit of learning this term is called 'Photo collage'. We will be learning about taking pictures, editing them and then searching for pictures on Google. For our final piece we will create our own photo collage.


We will have 3 literacy units this term. 

Learning Journey 1: We will be using the text 'Samson's Titanic Journey'. Which is all about a little mouse on a boat! The children will learn to punctuate their sentences correctly and how to vary their sentence openers. We will have lots of practise writes including; a newspaper entry, diary entry and letter home. Finally the children will create their own story in the same style from a different animal. 

Learning Journey 2: An information text- posters about the Titanic. We will be learning about different sentence types and how to use them in our writing. We will then create our own poster about the Titanic to inform others. 

Learning Journey 3: A poetry unit about the sea! 


In our Guided Reading sessions we will be continuing to use Little Wandle. The Year 2 children will also be learning about 'The lighthouse keeper' series of stories. 



This term we will be having 3 separate units:

Unit 1: We will start off by looking at multiplication and division. The Year 1 children will learn how to count in 5's confidently and start to become confident in solving one step problems. The year 2 children will continue to get confident in solving 2, 5 and 10 times tables and division questions. They will also learn about odds and evens. 

Unit 2: We will look at place value. The children will practise saying one more and one less, ten more and ten less than a number. They will also revise how to identify the place value of a number. Finally they will recap their number bonds to 10 and 20. 

Unit 3: We will revisit addition and subtraction. Children will learn about commutativity, using the inverse and solving missing number problems. They will also practise solving one step and two step problems.