Spring 2


We will be focusing on one text driver for our English Learning Journeys this term, Escape From Pompeii by Christina Balit.


We will begin our learning journey by making predictions about what we think is going to happen in the story, using the front cover. We will use the text to help us map out the town of Pompeii and explore the two main character's emotions. We will then be writing the climax of the story in the perspective of one of the characters, with a focus on using fronted adverbials and direct speech to enhance our narrative. 


After our narrative writing, we will be exploring natural poetry and personification, in order to write our own poem about Mount Vesuvius erupting. 





For the first half of the term, we will develop our knowledge of multiplication, starting with using arrays and other diagrams to help with our understanding of times tables facts. We will then move onto looking at two main written methods to help us multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers; grid method and column method (expanded and contracted). We will use this written methods to help us problem solve. 

We will then move onto consolidating our understanding of place value and number and use statistics to help develop our understanding of litres and millilitres to measure capacity. This will provide a multitude of real life learner and outdoor learning opportunities. 



We are becoming biologists this term and turning our attention to plants. We will be seeing if we can answer the big question 'Why don't plants go to McDonalds' through learning about how plants make their own food and transport water. We will then be putting our investigation planning skills to the test, with small groups planning, implementing and presenting data on a series of different investigation questions.





In History, we will be continuing to be learning about the Romans with a further focus on Roman Britain, particularly the town of Venta Belgarum (Winchester). We will use maps to see what Winchester looked like in 70AD and use knowledge of key buildings in Roman towns to design our own Venta Belgarum. We will look at how Romans lived their lives in Venta Belgarum and even experience a day as a Roman during our Roman day. We will complete our topic on the Romans by creating a tourist leaflet of Venta Belgarum and look at the legacy the Roman Empire left in Britain. 



We are very lucky to have Mrs Bottle teach us RE. Our key concept this term is 'symbols' and we will be exploring the symbols of crosses used within religion. 



PE will take place in Foxes class on Monday and Wednesday. On Mondays, Miss Lee will be introducing us to Yoga and the different positions. We will also learn a variety fo breathing exercises to help calm and centre ourselves. 

On Wednesdays, we will be learning the skills of Tag Rugby with Tommy, our coach from Lions in the Community. 


Art and Music

In Music this term, we are continuing to learn the Ukulele with Mrs MacDonald from Hampshire Music Service. We are looking forward to hopefully showing all we have learnt to an audience at the end of term. 

Our Art will relate to our topic of Romans, as we learn about mosaics. We will study a range of different mosaics before having a go at designing our own, both with man made and natural materials.