Progression of Skills

Geography is taught throughout the year as half termly topics. Teachers plan from the National Curriculum objectives alongside the Hampshire Geographical Progression of Skills. Each class has a long-term plan which outlines the learning journeys to be covered referring to the units in the National Curriculum. This is a progressive cyclical learning approach where learning is revisited over the course of each Key Stage, deepening their understanding each time.

Each learning journey is central to the teaching and this is made evident to the children. This is explored through an enquiry question which are the basis of study throughout the half term. This incorporates all the skills they will be learning within the unit; therefore, children are able to understand how one lesson builds on another within the journey.

By presenting our learning in this way and allowing children the opportunity to deepen their understanding by focussing on Geography for an entire half term, children have opportunities to follow their own lines of enquiry, investigate and compare a range of countries, develop a better understanding of their place within their immediate locality as well as their role as a global citizen. The local area is utilised to achieve the desired outcomes with extensive opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, both in the school grounds and in the wider community.