Live lesson Rules

Broughton Primary School

Live Lessons


Advice for Pupils

Be on time

Make sure your device is charged and start setting up your computer 5 minutes before the lesson starts and at registration times. Ensure you have Google Classroom up.

Be prepared

Make sure that you have everything you might need before the lesson starts: paper, pencil / pen, rubber, ruler etc.






Think about where you will do your lesson.  Find a space at home without distractions, free of pets and siblings if possible.


Please don’t change your background as it is distracting to others.

Try to pick a place to do your lesson that has a neutral background and is in an area that an adult is nearby. 


Please behave as you would normally in the classroom. Try to concentrate on your teacher and respond when asked.

Mute yourself

Leave your camera on but mute yourself to stop background noise.  Ask an adult to help you do this.  Turn your audio on when your teacher asks to answer questions.


Hand signals

Thumbs up = yes

Thumbs down = no

Hand by ear = I can’t hear

Raised hand = I have a question or comment


Only type comments when asked so that your teacher can concentrate on teaching and learning.


Become involved in the lesson.  Ask and answer questions from your teacher.

Having a problem

If you are stuck with something or need extra guidance with a task, stay on the zoom call to talk to the teacher.















































Registration time will be at 9.00am and 1.15pm

Check your ‘calendar’ regularly so you know when your next live lesson takes plave