Sports News

Cluster Football Tournament- WINNERS!

On Tuesday 3rd December we took a group of year 5/6 children (Jack, Jake, Tommy, George, Henry A, Henry P, Camilla and Esmay) to a cluster completion against 6 other teams. Our first match was against Lockerly and we beat them 1-0, Jake scored! The next match was Wherwell which we were very nervous about. We drew 1-1. We next played the hosts Wallop again we drew 0-0. Next it was a break where we enjoyed warm hot chocolate (Thank you Mrs Green!) and chocolate rolls (Thank you Jack). We had a small pep talk from Miss Morris as we realised we needed to dig deep to win! The team came back strong and beat West Tytherly 7-0. It was the highest score of the tournament! Finally we played King Somborne and beat them 4-0.  We were all very excited and exhausted! Mrs Devereux announced the scores and we had won! We all got gold medals which was great! Thank you Lions in the Community!  Written by Jack, Jake and Tommy


New age Kurling cluster competition

On Monday 11th November Broughton took 4 children from year 3/4 to Test Valley Secondary school for a competition. Our first match was against Lockerly who had very snazzy hoodies! At first we were very nervous because we didn't know how good they were, but as soon as we started playing our nerves soon went. Our second match was against Wherwell. It was a very close round! We played against 6 schools all together. All the schools gathered together to announce first, second and third place. The bottom three got a certificate and the top 3 got medals. Wherwell came third (we thought they were going to win). In second place was Stockbridge, they played really well and first place was...... Broughton! All of the team got a gold medal with Kurling equipment on. We were very proud to come home with a gold medal!! 

Chance to Shine cricket 6 week taster sessions for Otters class

Chance to Shine cricket 6 week taster sessions for Otters class 1
Chance to Shine cricket 6 week taster sessions for Otters class 2

New Age Kurling

A new and exciting set of Kurling equipment has arrived at school this week! This new sport has been enjoyed by lots of children through our New Age Kurling club on a Tuesday evening and in golden time. 

Kurling is a form of the original curling, but adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface.