We have completed an extensive audit of our History curriculum and mapped out the progression of skills to ensure children revisit and build on prior learning throughout their time at Broughton. Topics are chosen based on what is relevant to the children and their locality. These then lead into our Golden Threads, which are continuously revisited to deepen understanding in this area.

Another key focus in our History Curriculum is chronology and ensuring children understand when key periods of time happened and how they relate to each other. We do this by the numerous timelines in and out of the school, including a personalised timeline which incorporates all historical time periods taught within the school, with opportunities to interact and add key events that they encounter when studying that time period.

We understand with a mixed year class that the knowledge needed by different aged children varies and therefore we have identified areas of key learning that children need to know and understand in each topic for each year group. Lessons are differentiated to suit the individual needs of the learners and tasks are adapted accordingly to ensure coverage of the key knowledge and skills identified for each year group.