Autumn 2

Curriculum Drivers


We are  learning all about the story 'The Tiger who came to tea' by Judith Kerr this term. We have created our own Tiger pictures, learnt how to describe the tiger and acted out the story. The children are then going to create their own version of the story by changing the animal. We will then make these stories into mini books and share them with Badgers Class. 

Outdoor Learning

This term we are really enjoying the outdoors! Our half term started with a fabulous outdoor learning day, which the children really enjoyed. We then thought about our feelings, working in team and listening skills. The children create their own groups and made their own flags out of natural materials (see below). Later this term we will be looking at the human and physical features of our school and village on a welly walk. Finally we will be thinking about creating our own maps, taking inspiration from Michael Rosen's 'We're going on a bear hunt'. 

Real Life Learner

This term we are going to learn to sew! We have started off this half term by learning how to thread a needle and then used this to try a running stitch. This is a tricky life skill that we are learning and the children are tackling it really well. We are hoping to create a fabulous stocking to take home in time for a visit from Father Christmas! 


In Headspace this term we are thinking about feelings and other peoples feelings. The children are going to learn all about their friends needs and how to be a good friend. 


This term we are starting to think about what our rights mean and what it means to have a healthy life. We are then going to start to learn about this year's outright focus- Mental Health. Finally just before Christmas we are going to think about Christmas in other places in the world. 


This term we are going to learn about Winchester. We will find out where Winchester is, its human and geographical features and learn about its landmarks. We will also be looking at old and new buildings. 

In our Art lessons we will be learning about stained glass windows and looking at Winchester Cathedral's stained glass. The children will then be creating their own stained glass jam jars. 


This term we started a new book called 'Flashlight' by Lizi Boyd. We started our unit by using torches to create shadows and read the book together. The Year 2 children got to create their own illustrations of the story. In our Literacy lessons we have been learning to extend our sentences using conjunctions and adjectives. We have also been learning about verbs and past tense. We are going to finish the unit by creating some text to go in this wordless book. 

After this unit we will be starting another classic- 'The Jolly Postman'. In this unit of work we will be learning about retelling stories and writing letters. 


This term we started by continuing our Place Value learning, the children are getting really confident in recognising numbers and making these numbers out of dienes and objects. We then moved onto learning about multiplication and division. 

In our multiplication sessions we have been learning to count in 2, 5 and 10. The year 1 children are growing in confidence in saying their twos and have been practising this skill practically. The year 2 children have been given their bronze challenge books to help them learn their times tables which they are excited by. We have also been learning about arrays. The children started off by trying to find arrays outside and in the classroom and then developed their own in their book. 

We then moved onto learning about sharing and grouping. 

After this unit we will be moving onto finding out about 2D shape and telling the time. 


This term we have started to learn about the greatest sport of all time- Rugby. We are learning the skills that it takes to play this invasion sport, such as running, throwing and catching. The children are getting confident in using these skills and are enjoying playing lots of games to practise! 


This term we are continuing our African Percussion music lessons with Listen 2 Me. We will be performing later in the term. 


This term we are continuing to learn about materials. We started off by sorting materials into groups and then comparing them using their properties. 

After this, the children are going to carry out experiments to test their material knowledge. We are going to find the best material to protect a letter when it is in the post being delivered by the Jolly Postman. We are also going to see if we can find a better wrapping paper that is more environmentally friendly.