Spring 1

Curriculum drivers

In our literature lessons, we will be learning about Roman myths and exploring the story of Romulus and Remus in order to write and perform a play script retelling the story. In our Headspace lessons, we are thinking about hazardous medicines and how we can keep ourselves safe in our houses. We will be developing our understanding of Roman army life in Outdoor learning by practicing some Roman army drills and battle tactics as well as playing some ancient games played by Roman soldiers. We will be exploring Roman numerals in Real Life Learner and continuing our work on our Outright project on mental health in our Rights Lessons. 


We are beginning the term with the book 'A Roman Soldier's Handbook', where we will select facts and information about Roman soldier's to help us write some historical fiction in the form of a diary entry. We will think carefully about how hard it was to be a soldier and focus on using powerful vocabulary to help develop our emotion through the writing. 

In the latter part of the term, we will use information about Boudicca from 'Fantastically Great Women who Changed History' by Kate Pankhurst and learn about persuasive features to help write a persuasive speech in the style of Boudicca to encourage her tribe to fight the Romans back. 

Our Guided reading text this term is 'Black Dog' by Levi Pinfold and we will continue to focus on using the text and pictures to help us predict and explain the story.  


In Maths this term, we are continuing to consolidate our understanding of fractions. We will continue to use pictorial representations and concrete resources to help us order and compare unit and non unit fractions, add and subtract fractions and place fractions on a number line. In Year 4, we will continue to develop our understanding of decimal numbers by focussing on dividing by 10 and 100 and rounding decimals to the nearest whole. 



Our focus for Science in Spring 1 is magnets. We will begin by making predictions about magnetic materials before moving onto learning about magnetic poles and what different factors may affect magnet strength. 


Our History topic for the term is 'The Romans', with Spring 1 focussing on the rise of the Roman Empire and the invasion of Britain. We will begin our enquiry by learning what an Empire is before looking at what countries were part of the Roman Empire and how the Roman Empire spread. We will think about how successful the Roman army were and why, linking this to our English work, before thinking about why Britain in particular was invaded. The story of Boudicca will be explored and how she defied the Roman army before learning about how Britain did become part of the Roman Empire. 

In Spring 2, we will look at the way the Romans lived and how they influenced Britain. We will take particular focus on Venta Belgarum, or Winchester as we know it, and how it was taken over by the Romans.