Spring 1


During the first half term we will be learning all about the history of transport. We will start off by learning all about the history of flight by finding out about the Wright Brothers. We will also find out about Amelia Earharts amazing achievements. After finding out about the history of flight, we will learn about the evolution of cars and particularly look how and why travel has changed. We will sequence these events on a timeline in our books. After ordering these events, we will then compare the methods of travel and create a living graph for Amelia Earhart and Henry Ford. We will finish off our history unit by answering the big question ' How has transport changed? and the create our own timeline to share with our peers with our own sketches and models. 

D.T (Real life learner)

During the first half term, we will be designing and making our own Top Gear Cars. We will start off by learning about what a car has and testing our own toy cars from home. We will learn about an axle and spot them on our toys and teachers cars. In groups the children are then going to make their own cars using wooden wheels, shoe boxes and dowling rods. They will learn how to use a saw safely and use a glue gun with adult support. We are then going to take these cars for a Top Gear test on the acre to see which is the 'ultimate' Top Gear car. Finally we will carry out an evaluation of our work. 

Science and Outdoor learning

This term we started off our learning by going on a Winter Walk. We found out lots about what we might spot in the Winter. The children learnt the difference between evergreen trees and deciduous trees and found out about what a bud was. 

Our learning journey this term is 'Pushes and Pulls and their effects'. We are going to find out about what 'motion' means, what pushes and pulls look like and the three things they do. We will use our own toy cars to investigate how far a ball and a car can challenge and if the size of a slope will affect this. 


In P.E this term we are doing:

Gymnastics- indoors. 

Cricket- outdoors. 

Mrs Devereux will be teaching our gymnastics lessons, which we will be learning about the four shapes, how to perform simple rolls and travelling in different ways. We will be learning our own routines and performing them.

Cricket will be run by our local cricket coach with 'Chance to shine'. The children will learn how to throw accurately, how to catch and use the bat. They will play a variety of fun games. 


P.S.H.E (Real life learner and Headspace)

In our P.S.H.E lessons we started the term off by thinking about our new year aspirations. The children learnt the song 'Reach for the stars' by S Club 7 and then thought about how they could achieve their aspirations. 

During the rest of the term we are going to be learning about road safety and the green cross code. We will then move onto identifying possible dangers and learn about using our scooters and bikes safely. 


This term we are continuing to have Hampshire Music Service teach our music lesson. We are lucky enough to be learning the Ukuelele and are looking forward to creating a fantastic performance! 



In our rights sessions this term we are focussing on Mental health. We will be learning about what mental health is, how we can keep a healthy mind and then creating our own positivity statements to share with the village. We are also going to be working towards a whole school fashion show. Very exciting! 



This term we are going to be using a variety of books for our learning journeys. We are starting off with 'The naughty bus' by Jan Oke. We will be learning about prepositions and perfecting/ learning about capital letters.  As a class, we will learn the text using a story map and learn how to use some of the story language from the book. We will then think about creating our own stories of the naughty bus when he comes to Broughton. At the end of this unit the children will create their own class story book, to share with Mrs Macey. 

Following this learning Journey will be the story of Gumdrop. This story was chosen because we will be having a ride on the actual Gumdrop when we go to Beaulieu! We will learn all about using conjunctions (co-ordination and subordination) to extend our sentences. During this journey we will be working towards creating our own cartoon strip of a Gumdrop adventure. 

Finally Otters will look at Transport Poetry. We will recap our use of adjectives and try to use these in our own poems. We will learn a variety of famous poems and perform them beautifully! 


This term we will be covering the following units:

1. Place Value (Learning about addition using mental strategies, partitioning numbers to 10 and 20 and continuing to learn sequences of numbers)

2. Addition and Subtraction (The Year 1 children will start to become more confident in solving one step problems to 20. The Year 2 children will learn about adding 10 and start to learn about bridging 10. We will also learn about the word 'Commutativity'. )

3. Time (Dependent on the children's previous knowledge we will start to learn to tell the time! By the end of this unit everyone will be able to tell me the time when it is o'clock and half past. Some children will learn quarter past and quarter too. I will even challenge some of the Year 2 children to find out about the nearest 5 minutes). This is an area you can help with at home. 

4. 2/D and 3D shapes- we will be learning their names, properties and some of us will be comparing them! 

5. Fractions- The children did an excellent job of learning about what a fraction of a shape was, we will continue to build on this learning. 

6. Multiplication and Division- We will continue our learning in this area by learning about odd and even numbers, arrays and writing number sentences with the 'x' symbol.