Welcome to Broughton Primary School


We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils.


In the last couple of years, our sporting and academic success has grown year-on-year. We go above and beyond to ensure that we are able to nurture everyone's potential.


We invest heavily in areas our pupils enjoy and excel in. Our new outdoor classroom is fitted with both light and heat so that we can enjoy learning outdoors on even the coldest days. We have a full theatrical lighting rig and control desk in the hall, with flexible staging for our many school productions and a pupil kitchen to enable pupils to prepare and cook food. 


We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school directly with any queries you may have.


Thank you for visiting!


We think you will get a much better flavour after a visit to the school - contact us on 01794 301286 and we will give you a personalised tour. As we are located on a very quiet lane and we do not advertise and hold open days, we believe you can find out much more by coming along to see our school in action.


Lucy Macey: Executive Head teacher

Clare Yates: Administration Officer

A statement of Principles and Practices


Broughton Primary School is the place for our children to develop an interest in learning and to understand the opportunities that education will open up for them. It’s the place to try as many different things as possible and discover that passion that will fuel them as they move on. It is a safe, warm and welcoming place, where mistakes can be made and learned from and worries and fears faced in proactive and practical ways. We know that the world that our children live in creates demands and stresses that we must equip them for and it is crucial that this process begins with us


This is a school where we practice the philosophy that “One size does NOT fit all”, that children need different support, interactions and provisions according to their circumstances and that this can alter as they move through the school and experience change in wider life. Our practice is that the children at Broughton Primary School are known and valued in all ways as individuals and this enables us to meet and develop both their educational and emotional needs.


At Broughton Primary School this is a shared philosophy between all staff, parents and children. All the staff at Broughton Primary School have a common belief that the children only have one opportunity at Primary education and it is our privilege to be responsible for ensuring that this is the best that it can possibly be.




Vision statement

The children at Broughton Primary School will……. (in no particular order):

  • Be pro-actively engaged in their education and feel responsible for their successes and achievements both academically and socially.
  • Will have the ability to evaluate the choices they can make and make conscious decisions based on these evaluations.
  • Will feel empowered and unafraid of challenge or initial failure.
  • Will have a developed sense of shared responsibility for things outside their immediate person.
  • Will love/look forward to coming to school (the majority of the time!).