Spring Term 1


This half term, we will convert between fractions, decimals and percentages and use equivalences. We will also draw given angles and measure them in degrees. As well as this, we will learn about statistics - interpreting numbers in context and calculate intervals across zero. We will complete and interpret information in tables too.



Our text drivers this term are The Queen's Tale by Kaye Umansky and the film stimulus, Paperman. We will be creating a narrative for a chapter in the Queen's Tale in an alternative point of view. In this writing, we will focus on cohesive devices within and across paragraphs and consistent verb tenses. We will also create a piece of crime writing to solve the mystery of Snow White, selecting precise, technical vocabulary for detail and use a range of sentence structures. Using the film clip 'Paperman', we will recount the events and convey the protagonist's emotions through a diary entry.



Our Science learning this term will see us looking at how sounds are made, travel and can be changed. We began the unit thinking about the definition of terminology e.g. pitch and volume and then thought about how sound was produced. We will then be investigating how pitch can be changed and explore how vibration causes sound. 



This half term, we will identify how barcodes and QR codes work and how infrared waves are used for the transmission of data whilst recognising the uses of RFID. As well as this, we will gather, analyse and evaluate data collected from RFID data collection points.



During this unit, we are looking into how the Shang Dynasty was formed and how it developed during this period. This will provide us with an idea of what life would have been like in Ancient China. We are also going to consider how this period laid the foundations for other Chinese dynasties in subsequent years.



This half term, we are looking at the Jewish festival of Purim. We began our learning by looking at a passport and thinking about what it tells us about a person e.g. age, nationality, appearance and occupation. We then thought about how it does not tell us everything about an individual's identity and what makes us who we are. We have also considered the Queen and how she has many facets to her identity. Throughout the rest of this unit, we will look at how the Jewish festival of Purim is celebrated and describe our own responses to identity using examples of how our identity affects ours' and others' lives. 



This term, we have been enjoying our indoor PE sessions of dance and have been perfecting our hockey skills in our outdoor lessons.



During our music lessons, we will be exploring the associations between music, sounds and colour, building up over the weeks to an end result of our own compositions. In our first lesson, we began looking at the festival of Holi and how it is celebrated. We then thought about the visual representations of music and how we can blend music and colour. We listened to pieces of music and thought about the colours that we associated with them. The focus in our first lesson was to use musical terminology to justify our colour choices.


Throughout this unit, we will explore assumptions, such as variations in lifestyles and recognise the importance of equal opportunities. Our PSHE learning this term will link closely to the UNICEF rights of the child.