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COVID Letter from UKHSA December 2021

COVID19 Risk Assessment - Nativity Performance 7th December 2021

National Children's Mental Health Week

Remote Learning Provision

Reading letter sent to parents


Home Learning


Dear Parents,

Well here we are again, ready to begin a new and improved chapter of remote learning. There was plenty of good things about what we did last time, and your feedback was overwhelmingly favourable. We have taken on board that you wanted live lessons, teacher interaction and improved methods of feedback and we have been working hard to achieve this:

The majority of learning will take place on Google Classroom, which all the children have a log in for and have been navigating their way around for the last couple of months. This will provide the opportunity for ‘live’ learning and effective feedback from the teacher to your child/ren.

This on-line learning will develop over the next few days as the teachers and children familiarise themselves with the systems. The following requests will help the process run smoothly and aid the children’s readjustment to the system:

  • The teacher will run a live registration at 9am every day and again at 1pm. Please make sure that your child/ren are ready at this time.
  • There will be at least 1 live lesson and one recorded input initially. The lessons will follow a sequence to allow the children to progress and access new concepts and learning.
  • The children will be asked to submit work which will be given feedback.
  • Some work will be completed on screen and other in books, which can then, if needed be photographed and uploaded. If you need books they will be available from outside school. Please collect on the following days- Otters Wednesday am/ Foxes Wednesday pm, Badgers Thursday am/ Squirrels Thursday pm. Please observe social distancing during these times. It is perfectly acceptable to use your own resources if you wish.
  • Please speak to your child about the need to listen and engage with live lessons as if they were in class. They should sit ready, have resources on hand and use the mute button unless asked otherwise. As I am sure you appreciate it is not easy to behaviour manage children virtually so the children need to understand their responsibilities. Your help with this is much appreciated.
  • Please encourage your children to use the chat function to ask questions to assist their understanding, during or after the lessons. This can then be picked up quickly by the teacher.
  • You will receive an e-mail from the class teacher which will assign a symbol to the work that your child should access in independent tasks. They should try to follow these, but you may wish to change it for a piece of work if your child is struggling.
  • The children will access arrange of subjects, as they would at school, as well as P.E. activities and ideas for outdoor learning. We aim to be as varied and stimulating as possible.

Please send any questions relating to work directly to the teacher’s e-mail. If you have any comments about the provision please e-mail me via the office and I will respond promptly.

We would like to reassure you of our commitment to the educational and personal wellbeing of all our families. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns and I will ensure that we provide support in the appropriate ways.

Please be ready to log into Google Classroom at 9 am tomorrow. If this presents a problem, please can we ask that you let us know and we will try to sort out the issues.

With Kind regards

Children returning to school;


Dear Parents,

We look forward to welcoming your children into school tomorrow. Please can the come into school in the usual way at 8.45am in their school uniform. The children can wash their hands inside- what a treat! They will be in their classrooms continuing with their learning as normal! They will be in the classrooms and their class mates will be joining them virtually for some lessons.


There will be a reduced menu on offer for those children wishing to have school dinners- the details are attached to this e-mail and the children will need a snack and a drink.

The school day will end at the usual times for the classes.

We do ask that parents are very vigilant regarding any signs of illness and do not send children who are displaying any signs of being unwell. We also would like to stress the importance of maintaining the safety of the children and staff at school by observing the current safe practices of not mixing outside school and in wider groups and avoiding any socialising outside of your family bubble.


I hope that this helps to prepare the children for their return, we are looking forward to seeing them.


With kind regards


Lucy Macey

Dear Parents,

We are very sorry that we will not be welcoming all the children back on Wednesday as we had originally intended. In line with the National Lock Down we will be closed. I wanted to reassure you that on Wednesday virtual learning will be ready to  take off and the teachers will be using Google Classroom as the platform. We will be in touch tomorrow with details and timings of how this will work and I know that both teachers and children will make the best of this situation.

We will send out an e-mail to parents of children who may still attend school and we would be grateful if you could confirm if your child will be attending.

The school will be open for children whose parents are keyworkers- please be aware that due to the severity of the situation at the moment we would advise that both care- givers need to be keyworkers and that if children can be cared for and access remote learning at home, this is the preferred option. Please e-mail school if you require a place for your child/ren.

If you have any questions about this e-mail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards


Lucy Macey - Headteacher

Keep Hampshire Safe this half-term

Hampshire County Council has asked us to share the following important public health message with you all:

Coronavirus infections are continuing to rise, and Hampshire is on ‘Medium’ COVID alert level.

We need your help to stop the spread of the virus, so please continue following national public health guidance this half term.

Remember ‘hands, face, space’ and the Rule of 6: which means no large gatherings indoors or outdoors.

Let’s all work together to Keep Hampshire Safe.

Dear All, 


We are re-sending the information about the start of term to ensure that you have all the details that you need.  In addition to this we would like highlight the following:


Your child will need to bring 

A named water bottle

A healthy snack (Year 3 upwards)

A coat every day

A pair of  named wellington boots  (to remain in school)

A packed lunch if not having a school dinner


They WILL NOT need to bring

Any bags

Any acre clothes or trainers

Any stationary

Any electronic devices 


Please make sure your child is wearing the correct school uniform, we were flexible about this before the Summer holiday but now we need to ensure that the children have the clear message that school is back to business and the rules apply regarding uniform and hair styles. 


Please begin to talk with your child about the routines in place, this will be particularly important if they have not been in school since the beginning of Lock-down.  Their teachers will be there to greet them on the 1st and subsequent days to help them with the routines.


You will notice that there are additional sinks outside the building to ensure excellent hygiene procedures - we will talk to your children about these.


Please note - there will be NO before and after school clubs for the first half-term.


We look forward to welcoming everybody back.


Kind regards.


Lucy Macey 




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Support for parents/ carers: - This website gives specific guidance on apps or popular trends (ie Tiktok, Houseparty  etc). You can search specific apps and it gives them a suitability rating and gives advice on how to make the app ‘safer’.

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Free Home Learning Hub from Ineqe

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Latest news and updated content about social networks, apps and games children are using, including information on Snapchat's new mental health feature, having a Netflix party, and information about video chat, video sharing and livestreaming.


Separately: the BBC reports that the TikTok app has introduced new rules which mean under-16s will no longer be allowed to send or receive direct messages and the UK Safer Internet Centre reports that UK video game ratings will include a warning if a game features ‘loot boxes’ or any paid for items that are randomly generated within a game.


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