A Federated School

Since July 2021, Broughton Primary School has been part of a Federation* alongside West Tytherley Primary School, in the neighbouring village of West Tytherley.  The decision to federate was taken after a consultation process with parents, staff, and the local community, supported by Hampshire County Council.  Further information on the consultation process, including Frequently Asked Questions, is provided below. 


As a Federated school, Broughton benefits from greater interaction with a local school, providing wider opportunities for the children and possibilities for increased social interaction. Collaboration between the two schools encourages cross-fertilisation of ideas and provides learning opportunities for staff.  By sharing resources across the two schools and leveraging the skills and resources of our staff, we believe we can provide a higher quality of teaching and learning for all.  In short, we believe we are 'better together'. 


Under the Federation, each school remains separate but works together under a single Governing Body and an Executive Head Teacher - Mrs. Macey. Each school retains its unique character, and both Broughton and West Tytherley pride themselves on their caring, small-school approach where children are known and valued as individuals. 


* A federation is defined in law as two or more maintained schools operating under the  governance of a single governing body.  The legislation that allows schools to federate is set out in the regulations made under sections 24 and 25 of the Education Act 2002.