Autumn 2

Curriculum Drivers

Our Curriculum Drivers continue to be the first thing we do each day and link to other curriculum areas to develop our understanding and thinking further. 

In our Outdoor Learning sessions, we are exploring rocks and soils further by sorting and grouping, thinking carefully about how they are made. We are also making edible soil profiles to understand how these work. 

In Literature, we are reading Jane Ray's adaptation of The Nutcracker and delving into the imaginative world of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Teeth are our focus in our real life learning sessions to link with our Science. We will learn about the different types of teeth and how to look after our teeth properly. 

Our Rights and Headspace lessons are very closely linked this term as we focus on Unicef's Outright 2021 project, based around mental health. We are using the book 'The Colour Monster' to explore our different emotions and when we might feel these, before creating our own Colour Monster characters. We will also be thinking carefully about Article 24, how this relates to both our physical and mental health and strategies to ensure we are looking after ourselves and others health. 



Our focus at the beginning at the term centred around some trespassers who had broken onto the school acre over the half term. After acquiring CCTV footage from the police, we realised it was some dangerous dinosaurs! We will use our knowledge of newspaper reports to write a newspaper report about the event. 

We will then moving onto 'The Christmasaurus' by Tom Fletcher and using our knowledge of the text to write a non chronological report on the Christmasaurus for Santa's encyclopaedia.

In Guided Reading, we are focussing on 'Stone Girl, Bone: The True story of Mary Anning' by Laurence Anholt, which links with our Science topic.   




In Maths this term, we have focussing on fractions and decimals. We have been looking at how we can split a shape into different parts, comparing and ordering fractions, fractions on a number line and equivalent fractions. Year 4s have also started to explore how fractions are related to decimals and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number.

In times tables time, we have learnt how to use part whole models and arrays to help develop our understanding our times tables.