Spring 1


We start the term recognising, ordering and playing games with numerals, including 1 less and 1 more. In our daily count we will be beginning to count to 20 and beyond.  The children are excited to open a class shop, will be introduced to coins, their value, using money in context and the associated vocabulary. We are still working hard on one-to-one correspondence in our continuous provision. As well as this, we will begin to work on number bonds to 5 with addition and subtraction.



This term we will be re visiting the tricky phase 3 sounds and beginning to segment and blend words confidently. The squirrels are becoming more confident at having a go and moving on from mark making to using letters to make words in their writing. The children will continue to be given plenty of opportunities to write and express themselves in their continuous provision. They will be moving on to the next sets of hand writing and learning to join the letters in two and three letter words. Regular reading and hearing stories is vital at this stage of development, so please read as often as you can at home.



This half term the children will be asked to put themselves in “the driving seat”, taking responsibility for their learning, being more independent and making choices about their learning. After introducing RIGHTS to the children last term, this term we’re going to join in the whole school focus and start thinking about our mental health and how we can support each other, our school and our community to take care of each other’s mental health. We will be gathering ideas about positivity and how we can share them with you… watch this space!


Physical Development

The continuous provision in our class has multiple opportunities to exercise the children’s upper body strength and dexterity in their fingers in readiness for writing. At home, you can thread beads, play with play dough, crafting, cut and stick etc.


The children will be enjoying cricket and dance this term. PE kit must be in school all week.


Understanding the World

The children are very excited to share their toys from Christmas and will have an opportunity to talk about them in class. We will begin to look at toys from the past and discuss the past and present and how life has changed. Later in the term we will have a super hero day (Wednesday 19th January) and begin to talk about the real super heroes and their roles in society.


Expressive Arts

In music this term, we will be listening to a variety of musical instruments, the sounds they make and how they make sounds. Then, with guidance, the children will make their own instruments.

The children are always encouraged to express themselves freely and this term we will be learning how to use a variety of equipment to join, make and create. The children will be asked to look at their own work and to talk about ways to make improvements.