Autumn 1

Fruit Hunt- 17/9/21

On Wednesday we went on a fruit hunt. First we went to the toilet. After we went to the toilet we went to put our wellies on. Then we lined up on at the door. After we went to get a partner and my was Freya P in Badgers. First we picked blackberries then we went to the park. Dowse went on the equipment first, Steele picked apples first and Fripp played on the grass. It was a lot of fun! 

Written by Emmeline

Here is what we are up to this term! 


Curriculum Drivers

From 9-10am we have a drivers lesson where the children take part in the following lessons; Outdoor learning, Rights, Headspace, Literature and Real life learner. 

This term in our Real life learning lessons we are learning about being safe, what the role of a fireman and 999. We will also be covering our ICT unit about internet safety. This will include learning about how to safely log onto a computer, what we should be going on and checking that children know what to do if something happens that the children are not sure about.  

In our Literature lessons we are learning all about Paddington, by making marmalade sandwiches, completing science experiments and other exciting things. We will be reading a variety of the stories in the Paddington book and comparing them to the movie and television series. The children will learn about Paddington's personality and background. 

For our Outdoor Learning lessons we are investigating materials property for our science lessons and carrying out our own experiments. We will be thinking about what materials we can use to complete certain tasks. One of our investigations will look at the best coat material for Paddington.

In our Rights lessons this half term we are learning about our class charter. We will be looking at the following rights that we have included on our class charter; the right to play (Article 31), the right to an education (Article 2), the right to be kept safe (Article 3) and the right to be a good friend (Article 15).

 Finally in Headspace we are learning all about our school learning values; sunshine spreader, thinking outside of the box, in the driving seat and have a go hero/heroine. We will also be learning about working well together in our class. 


This term we are learning all about the Great fire of London. We will be ordering the events of the fire, finding out about the key players and learning about what the causes are. During this unit we will learn all about the houses and create our own to reenact the fire. We are going to create our own diaries and role play the different points of view. Finally at the end of our unit we will be creating our own slow motion animation of the fire.


This year we are lucky enough to have Hampshire Music service providing our lessons. This term we will be trying to master the art of African Percussions. The children will be learning about different instruments, rhythms and African songs. 


This term we are learning all about Celebrations and Harvest. To begin with we are thinking out celebrations that we have been to and what types of events we celebrate. We will then think about the good parts of celebrations before creating our own cards. Next we will think about how Christians celebrate Harvest, by learning about how it is celebrated, what happens in a church at Harvest time and the importance of the celebration for Christians. 


This term we are learning about the properties of materials. We are going to be finding out what is rough, smooth, soft, hard, bendy, rigid etc. The children will be learning this both in class and outdoor learning time. Once we have sorted materials into groups and described their properties we will carry out a range of different investigation. The first will be to find the perfect material for Paddington's coat and then we will investigate how what material will soak up a drink that Paddington has spilt. 


In Otters we have two P.E Days; Monday and Tuesday. On Monday's lesson this term we will be focussing on dance inside. We will be learning about how to show our emotions through dance, how to move in different ways and how to put a sequence of movements together. 

Tuesday's P.E lesson is run by Lions in the Community. Mrs Devereux will be teaching us football skills in our cooperative games unit. The children will learn basic skills to move the ball and work in a team. They will also get the opportunity to play a variety of fun games. 


This term we have started off with a fantastic new book 'The Hundred Decker Bus' by Mike Smith. We have read and acted out the story and thought about what order the events happen. During our first week, we thought about the different decks on the bus and finished by creating our own deck. We then put all of our decks together and made our own bus that reached the classroom ceiling! In our second week we are learning about diaries and sharing the bus drivers day. We have looked at a WAGOLL and created our own checklist for this text type. At the end of the week we are going to create our own diary. 

After this unit, we will be reading and watching the video of the story 'Katie in London' by Carlota Vista Londres. Using this book, we will be creating an information page about London which will include pictures with labels, captions and lists. We will also be learning about what a question is, how to ask one and how to use the correct punctuation. 

At the end of this half term we will be reading Paddington. We will learn to describe him using an adjective and expanded noun phrase. After this, we will work on using 'and' to extend our sentences and add more detail. Finally we are going to write our own ending to a Paddington story. 

As well as our main English lessons, we take part in Guided Reading daily and phonics sessions. The children are also heard read twice a week. 


This term in we have started with place value. We have been learning all about how to read numerals and numbers written in words. The children then moved onto representing these numbers in a variety of ways, using objects such as monsters and multi link and dienes. We have also been learning about finding one more and one less, and ten more and ten less than a number. Finally in this unit the children learnt about comparing and ordering numbers using the correct vocabulary and the symbols for greater than and less than. 

After the place value unit we will move onto learning about addition and subtraction and put it into practise in measuring. We will be using concrete resources, pictures and informal written methods.

Throughout the term we will be practising out counting in our daily count. We have started with saying our numbers to 100 forwards and backwards and we will move onto saying patterns of numbers in 2,5 and 10. 

The children also frequently practise their number formation through outdoor play.