Spring 2


This term we are starting with a fantastic series of books by Patricia Cleavland-Pack called 'You can't take an elephant on a bus' and other adventures. The children are going to start off becoming familiar with the text by; learning about the characters, thinking about animals rights to go on a bus and writing diaries of the people's experience. We will then learn all about apostrophes. Finally, we will start our learning about a letter to persuade. We will think about 'bossy' vocabulary and the use of different sentence types. Our outcome will be a letter to persuade the mayor to let an animal on board. 

For the next learning journey, we will be using the story 'Mr Bunny's Chocolate factory' by Elys Dolan. This funny book will be used in the run up to Easter to support our work about writing character descriptions. We will also look at writing some instructions to support us in making our own chocolate treats! Our outcome for this unit will be a character description of Mr Bunny. 

Finally, we will finish the term by learning to be very careful with our word choices. Our outcome for this will be a fabulous acrostic Easter poems. 



This term we will continue our learning of multiplication and division by applying the methods we have learnt to word problems. We will follow this unit of learning with addition and subtraction. Within this unit, we will revise number lines, complete lots of counting practise and learn to solve one step problems to 20. Some children will learn about using the inverse to check calculations and solve mussing number problems. We will then apply all of our learning from the term to money. We will think about using money in practical situations, adding and subtracting money and try to solve problems with this. We will also be applying our learning to solve a problem using a story book.

In the last week of Easter, we will be recapping our learning about 2D and 3D shape and learning to measure mass. 


This term Mrs Devereux will be teaching Otters country dancing! Over the course of this half term she support the children in learning a 'Muffin Man' dance. I am sure it will be excellent! In the children's P.E sessions with me, they will be learning to roll, throw, bounce and pass a ball and then apply their learning to create some exciting games for the Squirrels children to complete. We will be focussing on improving our aim and accuracy. 


Our learning journey this term is continuing on from last half term 'Pushes and Pulls and their effects'. We are going to use our knowledge of what 'motion' means, what pushes and pulls look like and the three things they do. We will use our own toy cars to investigate how far a ball and a car can challenge and if the size of a slope will affect this. Last term we really enjoyed learning about pushes and pulls and all the children are ready to apply their learning to investigations.  


At the end of this term we will be going on a Spring Walk. We will compare our learning on the Winter Walk by looking at buds, leaves and animals in our local habitat. 


This term we will continue our 'Top Gear' unit by thinking about where people travel and how they got there. We will start off with our 'pre quiz' which will help me understand what the children already know about the world. We will then learn more about our the countries in the U.K and it's capital cities, the continents of the world and the seas. This learning will then be used to plot on the map where the people we learnt about last term travelled (Amelia Earhart, Amy Johnson, The Wright brothers, Henry Ford, Carl Benz). This will help us answer the question 'Where did people travel?' and 'Why do humans need to travel?' 

In Week 3 we will be travelling into the village to support our learning about maps, human features and physical features. Back in school, we will will look at maps and aerial photos which will support our learning about a 'key'. We will learn about how to use a compass and its directions and then we will create our own map of an imaginary story and then of a journey in our school. 

At the end of this unit of learning we will look at different cultures transport and then complete our own posters and presentations of our learning. 


In our ICT unit this half term we will be using 'Bee Bots'. I know the children are going to really enjoy learning to control them, giving them precise instructions and then learning to program them to follow a set of directions. At the end of this unit we will be making our own maps for the 'Bee Bots' and writing instructions for them to move around our map. Our map will also include a key. 



This half term our unit is called Easter (Happy and Sad). It will focus on things that make us happy and things that make us sad. We will then think about the Christian's story of Easter and find out about the happy and sad parts. We will then answer the question 'Do we think it is important for Christians to feel sad then happy at Easter?'. 



We are going to be learning about 'Guide dogs for the blind' and how important they are. We will be thinking about how they support people in moving around safely and then thinking about how we as a class could support this great cause. Finally we will learn what we should and shouldn't do if we see a working dog when we are out and about. 



This term we be focussing on two artists- Eric Ravilious and Paul Klee. We will start by learning about the paintings 'View from the train' and creating our own versions of this. We will then learn about Paul Klee and his pictures 'taking a line for a walk'. At this point we will be learning about colour mixing.