Inter house competitions

Interhouse Hockey

Otters and Squirrels really enjoyed the chance to practise the different skills that we had been learning during this half term, including a variety of different passes, how to stop and control a ball and how to use different equipment.  The children had a fantastic time and came back really excited for our next interhouse competition. 

Foxes and Badgers competed in a mixture of tight competitions, Steele v Dowse, Dowse v Fripp, Fripp v Steele. 

A full report will be coming soon! 

Interhouse Football Competition 

It was on 22nd October. Each half was 7 minutes. The whole match was 14 minutes long. There were 9 players from each house at a time. We were playing on the acre. It was an exciting match that we really enjoyed! Well done to everyone who played in KS2. Written by Badgers class.

Good Luck to our Year 6's, The links to the videos are in Badgers Class Page, we look forward to seeing the rest of you in September