Children's School Responsibilities

Head Boy and Girl

As head boy and girl our role is to be role models for all the children within and out of school. We are responsible for many jobs in school such as giving our certificates in assembly, selling snacks to KS2 at break time and setting up the hall for assembly. We care for all of the children in the school and make sure no one is left out or lonely. We encourage the other children to make the most of all the clubs and facilities the school has to offer.


Mackie and Alice

The House Captains and Vice Captains jobs are to lead their houses in competitive activities, like merits and inter-house tournaments. We run the Change For Life club which encourages young children to participate in sport. We also count the weekly merits and announce the winners in Celebration Assembly. Another important aspect of our job is to be role models for the other children in the school and show them how to be good sports people, be kind and make sure everyone has the opportunity to be included.


Steele - Koen and Abi

Dowse - Sam and Kitty

Fripp - Aaron and Jake

We are the school council and we help to decide which 2 charities to raise moeny for and help to organise the events to do this. Every class throughout the school chooses 2 school councillors to represent their views. Each potential councillor has to "pitch" to their class - a vote then takes place and the children accept their badges and attend meetings to discuss important matters relating to the pupils.


We have a standing link with Education Uganda and our twinned school in Kajwenge. The children also choose a local and a national charity.



As Sports Ambassadors we have had special training at Test Valley School to help us to run sporting events smoothly and successfully.  Our job is to help other children to compete successfully in team and individual sport.  We keep everybody up to date on the school sports news via a half termly newsletter which we write ourselves.

As Eco-councillors our job is to look after the school environment. For example, we turn off the lights at the end of the day and if we see any rubbish we pick it up. You can help by picking up your litter and recycling the milk bottles. 


This year we will be leading the fundraising for our chosen charities.  We will let you know when we have decided which ones we are supporting.  We will be raising money for Children in Need and we are in charge of deciding the activities for the day.  The Christmas Candy Cane Exchange Office will be open again this year and we will be the chief elves we are sure that this will raise lots of money again for Crisis at Christmas.