Maths through stories

Maths through stories

This year we have started to teach maths through stories. The teachers pick relevant, exciting texts to stimulate the children’s learning in a given unit. We believe that through the use of books the children are able to put their learning into context and create real life links. Books are also used to create excitement and add interest to our maths lessons.



This term Foxes Class are using the book 'Sir Cumference' written by Cindy Neuschwander to learn about Rounding. 

They were introduced to the text and started by learning all about 'friendly tens'. 

Later in the week they will be using this book to support the children's knowledge of rounding and encourage them to do it in their head. 

Take a look at the work below for some examples of 'friendly tens'. 


In Otters we used the story 'The Dragon's Scales' by Sarah Albee to learn all about measuring. The children investigated weight and capacity by creating statements about measures that were true and false. They then gave them to the 'dragon' who tried to guess which statement was true and which was false. Otters really enjoyed investigating using this story and it created a lot of opportunities for talk.