Year 6 Tea Party for Broughton Residents

On Monday 18th November our Year 6 Badgers hosted a tea party for  Broughton residents who attend different clubs in the village. This provided an excellent opportunity for Broughtonians to come and see what the children have been up to and for our children to engage with different generations from the village.


Message from Mrs McDonald "Thank you so much for inviting us to tea on Monday. It was such an enjoyable time talking to the pupils. They were all so kind and had such interesting things to share with us.  They were delightful and are a credit to their parents and the school. Thanks also for the lovely tea. Keep up the good work!"


Message from Trish Chadder "Dear Mrs Macey and your staff and especially Year 6 pupils.
Thank you all for giving so many people in the Village a special day to remember.
Your students were a delight to meet and showed us some incredible work both in writing and art. They all have the most wonderful handwriting but expressed such confidence and care with people they hardly knew.
This couldn't happen without your kindness and fantastic care and careful instruction to the young charges in your hands. I have always thought that we are so fortunate in this Village to have a lovely school, but today you pulled all the stops out and showed great kindness to many of us!
We all had a wonderful afternoon so a huge thank you."