Weather Warning - Friday 18th February 2022

17 February 2022

Dear Parents


We are writing to you following the many queries received from parents today regarding the opening of both schools tomorrow in response to the weather warnings issued for Hampshire.


As the local authority states, the decision to close a school is for local management and made by the Headteacher based on conditions at the school and the health and safety of staff and pupils.


We will be open tomorrow unless we receive notification from the Local Authority recommending closure or if the forecast significantly changes overnight.


However, we fully appreciate the concerns from many families regarding their journeys to and from school tomorrow.

If parents deem it too dangerous to travel tomorrow we fully support this decision and these absences will be authorised.

There will be resources for home learning on Google Classrooms.


We will of course assess the school site and make it as safe as possible, although the direction and strength of the forecast winds is difficult to predict. The children who do attend will be kept indoors throughout the day.


We are sorry that we are unable to clarify the situation further but are sure you appreciate the difficulties facing us all during a time of such extreme and unusual weather conditions.


We would like to thank all of our parents and carers for their understanding at this challenging time and say how much we appreciate the messages of support we have received for the very difficult decisions we are making.

Yours sincerely


Lucy Macey