The Egg Rolling Eggtravaganza!

On a sunny April afternoon, the children who's parents are key-workers went out to play a competitive game of glorious egg rolling.  The first round was the knockout round, we were separated  into year groups and whoever won went into the dreaded semi-finals!


Knockout round winners:

Squirrels/Otters - Emily H

Yr 3/4 round 1 - Katie

Yr 3/4 round 2 -Charlotte

Badgers - Henry 

Foxes staff - Mrs Baker

HT/Office staff - Mrs Macey

It was a fight to win , nut in the end after the children and staff rounds had finished it was left with Emily H (Squirrels Class) and Mr Macey (Headteacher).  In the end (finally) Emily was the champion of champions.  Well done Emily you deserved it.

By Emily C and Charlotte W