The Beetle Drive

There was no time to get the camera out at this fund-raiser!! It was a fast and furious game of chance where children and adults got thoroughly involved trying to be the first to draw a beetle!

The rules were simple- take it in turns to roll a dice and the number that was rolled gave you the part to draw. To start you HAD to roll a 6 in order to draw the body, a 5 gave you a head, 3 was a leg ........

We had 6 games in all and at the end there were 2 overall winners who had scored the most points.

The adult winner was Mrs O' Callaghan and the child winner was Alice Taragel!

Everyone agreed that it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to begin the weekend and we would like to thank all the parents and children for their support and particularly FOBS committee for organising everything.

We were pleased that it raised £200.00 which will be used to benefit the children at the school.

Roll on the next beetle drive!!!!