Poor Weather Arrangments


Broughton Primary School
School Lane, Broughton, Stockbridge, Hampshire. SO20 8AN
Poor Weather Arrangements
If the weather conditions make it necessary to close the school at short notice details will posted on the school website ( ) as early as possible to inform you. This decision would be made once a risk assessment of the school site is undertaken and local travel conditions known. Details will also be posted on
The decision to close the school will rest with the Head teacher, based on information provided by the members of staff living closest to school who can survey the local conditions. The majority of staff travel in from Southampton, Winchester or Wiltshire, and hence their local conditions also have to be considered.
If school has to close during the day because of worsening weather conditions, all parents will be contacted, but staff will stay until the last child is collected and the HCC website would be updated accordingly.