Otters and Foxes go on a fruit hunt!

Foxes and Otters went for a walk round the village, picking fruit from pre-arranged gardens and also from the local hedgerows. When back at school, they set about making a mixed fruit crumble. They had to follow the recipe carefully, peeling their fruit and weighing out the ingredients. Our next big project is for a pupil kitchen, but in the interim the crumbles went away to be cooked, then the children could taste "the fruit of their labours!"


Here is a description of their outing by Max in Foxes:



Our Fruit Hunt

On Thursday the fourth of September 2014, Foxes and Otters from Broughton Primary School went on a fruit hunt. We left school and headed down Dixon’s Lane. The day was warm with a little breeze in the air.

Eventually, the crowd of fifty seven came to the end of Dixon’s Lane where Ella’s house stood. We were told to stay in line while the plastic bags were being handed out by the adults. When that had been done, Ella’s grandma opened the gate and three quarters of us headed in. The others stayed and picked raspberries.

After about five minutes we lined up in our fours and continued down Dixon’s Lane. We came to a river at the end. I was so tempted to dip my feet in! We walked along the path on the left of the river and across the bridge and onto the Clarendon Way where we picked blackberries. We turned off down Rectory Lane and walked across the bridge. On the Clarendon Way Freddie spotted a green shield bug on Luke’s collar. He called it Crumble.

On Rectory Lane, just before the hill, we stopped at another garden that we were allowed to pick fruit from. We picked raspberries, plums and apples. Then we went in groups and picked pears. Then we went up Plough Gardens and into the park. We picked apples in the orchard and headed back to school.

By Max in Foxes.

A few pictures show how well the whole day went!