New Cycling/Walking/Running Challenge

Route 66 – cycle, run, walk, scoot or swim our way across The United States of America!

Competition will be stiff! Stockbridge will want revenge, Kings Somborne and Wallop are fielding teams! There may be other schools getting involved too! The start is Monday 22nd June 2020.

The aim is to reach Los Angeles as quickly as possible within the rules of the competition which are as follows:

  1. Distances must be emailed, in KMS please and DAILY before 8pm to, these must be evidenced with a screenshot or photo of a fitness app or watch e.g  strava, googlefit, applehealth, fitbit, garmin  to verify the distances. Please can you remind parents that they can only submit kms done on that specific day before the 8pm deadline, and not to send in a week’s worth in one go as they will not count!
  2. In addition to the distance and screenshot please could they state which school they are from. this is very important!!
  3. There is a maximum cap of 16km per day per child. If they do more, that is absolutely fine, but only 16km will count. This may be reviewed during the course of the competition.
  4. I will be totalling the kms for each school at the end of each day and then logging them onto the competition app. I will then report distances covered by each school that day, milestones achieved, places of interest passed through along with a visual map showing the position of all 5 schools on the route.
  5. All this information can be accessed via our private Facebook group TVC Route 66 Challenge which parents can join by going to  and clicking on the groups tab.
  6. You are allowed to submit kms that are cycled, walked, run, jogged, scootered, swam…
  7. We also love to see and share your outings and anything of interest you might pass or see so please feel free to send in any photos to the same email address with your distances. Please note, that if you send any photos in the assumption will be that you are happy for them to be shared on the private facebook page.


Every school will receive a beautiful shiny medal on completion of the journey and there will also be a trophy for the overall Cluster Champs!!

It would be amazing if every single child could contribute to this one! We will definitely need it.