New cycling/walking/running challenge - Race Down Europe 2021

Dear Parents,


I hope that you are all well, I am so impressed with all the work that the children have been producing this week. Today I saw their faces on Google Classrooms too- it was so lovely!

We are starting our new fitness challenge- The race down Europe.


Please read the information below, for how to get involved....


This time it is Broughton KS1 and West Tytherley KS1 racing against Broughton KS2 and West Tytherley KS2. Who will reach Gibraltar first? 

Mrs Hudgell, Mrs Meron. Miss Morris and Mrs Martyn will be supporting KS1

Miss Lee, Mrs Baker, Mrs Pearson and Miss Ayers will be supporting KS2

I shall remain neutral, but Sherpa's miles will count in KS1 and Basil's KS2 - ( they do the same as each other!)


With best regards


Lucy Macey


A message from Mrs Devereux:


The challenge will start on Monday 11th January and finish on Sunday 7th February, so a full 4 weeks of school,  weekend mileages will be added in on the Monday each week.


It will be a race between KS1 Broughton and West Tytherley home schoolers and KS2 Broughton and West Tytherely  home schoolers, with each KS1 km counting for double that of a KS2.


The key rules of the competition are as follows:


  1. Daily distances, all in KM please to be emailed to me at before 7pm on the day of their activity.
  2. Activities can be anything from walking, cycling, scooting, running etc..
  3. Emails should contain a screenshot/photo evidence of kms covered, whether via Fitbit, Strava, iPhone or other fitness app.
  4. Emails need to include the name of the child and whether KS1 or KS2.
  5. There will be no daily km cap set for this challenge….the idea is after all to get as far as we can!
  6. As always, any interesting news of wildlife sightings, photos of activities or even holiday photos if you have actually visited any of the places that we pass through on previous holidays are always gratefully received.
  7. Parents are welcome to sign up to the Private Facebook Group, which is where the daily updates, map of progress, photos etc will appear . As ever this group can only be accessed by members I allow to join and can also only be viewed by them.


This group can be joined by going to the Lions in the Community Facebook page at   from there you will see the option to join the group Broughton/West Tytherley  Race Down Europe 2021. If you ask to join, I will then add you.