Monday message from Mrs. Macey

Dear Parents, 


Happy Monday! This e-mail is a reminder that school is still open and we are here to help with any questions or issues that you may have which have arisen with your new and unexpected role of 'lead learner' !

Firstly, a reassurance that the power point is a guide to help structure your child's day. It does not need to be completed in full each day and the timings don't need to be adhered to. If your child is playing brilliantly at break, enjoying the outside air- then please carry that on until it comes to a halt naturally. That is what we have been doing in school- likewise if an activity takes more/ less time than anticipated that works too. Genuinely praise the good efforts and try to ignore the less spectacular ones. Conserve your energy, this could last a little while.

Please e-mail the teachers with any questions or concerns about the work. They will respond and can talk to your children about the work and expectations etc

If your children are being difficult about working- then please do get in touch, either by phone or e-mail and we can discuss ideas. It wont matter academically if they don't work, but it may affect your sanity, so please do ask for ideas if you would like them.

Lastly, its great that the children are working together and sharing ideas and long may that continue, please don't compare your child's work with others - they will all be different, as you know.

There is no right or wrong way to do this home learning, from all I have seen sent in you are all doing well- much better than you probably think!


Ring or e-mail

Kind regards


Lucy Macey