In the Year 5 Zoom lesson we wrote some ‘boasting’ poems- Take a look!

Henry  is…….

A grey VW Polo driving through the clear night air

Cooler than an ice cube

A priceless jewel, over 1000 years old.

A stand in for Justin Trudeo

Nicer than a Ralph Lauren shirt, worn by Lebran James.


James  is ……

A red Tesla speeding down the motor way at full speed

Cooler than Eminem

A priceless ruby owned by the Prince of Greece

A stand in for Lionel Messi

A Nike sports shirt worn by Stormzy in Miami


Harry  is………

A green jaguar sitting in a drive way for a mansion

Cooler than Steven Darby

The world’s largest diamond

A stand in for Boris Johnson

A Nike tee-shirt worn by Simon Cowell


Poppy  is………

A yellow Lamborghini driving rapidly down the M6

Cooler than Messi

A priceless artefact from the Stone Age

A stand in for The Prime Minister

A Nike jacket worn by Mo Farrah in the Olympics


Max  is………

Max is a McClaren P1, donuting in a carpark

Cooler than Beyonce, wearing a ring worn by Queen Elizabeth

A stand in for Donald Trump

A Nike t- shirt worn by Justin Bieber in Hollywood


Otto  is…..

A yellow Ferrari speeding on the motorway

Cooler than Messi in a Ferrari

A priceless antique vase

A stand in for the Queen

A Gucci t-shirt worn by Messi in Hollywood


Daniel  is….

A silver titanium model x speeding up a ramp

Cooler than Alex Rider

More expensive than einsteinium

A stand in for Boris Johnson

A Rolex watch