Friday 20th March morning update

Dear All,


Good morning!


If you would like childcare support from Monday and believe you are a key worker please email the school office as soon as possible: .


There will be two main emails sent out today.  One will be how we arrange the day for the children of key workers who can in school and the other for those who's children will be working at home.  As I said yesterday we will be providing a full day of work for children at home and today I will be firming up details of how the children will be able to contact their teachers for both education and emotional support if needed.


We will not be having a celebration assembly as such but please arrive 5 minutes early in the playground where we will sing you an early Easter song.  


** SPOILER ALERT** ... it' about a rabbit  who has lost his Easter eggs!! (along with a headteacher losing her marbles!!!)


Please keep checking your emails and the latest news section on the website for these updates.


Kind regards


Lucy Macey