Forward Planning- for your information

Dear Parents,

You will have heard that your child may be able to return to school on Monday 1st June.

This e-mail is just to give a little information about practical items that you may need to arrange in advance. I thought notice might be appreciated if you need to find any items.

To minimise / control risk we need to streamline items being brought to and from school


Short sleeves shirts/ polos only please

School jumper/ cardigan, if needed

No ties  ( Yr 6)

Easily washable skirts/ shorts etc

Simple P.E. kit- shorts, t-shirt and trainers

Thin waterproof coat

Named hat

(Please don’t buy unnecessarily- e-mail us if any of these present a problem)

No rucksacks-  P.E.  kit in drawstring or similar bag ( plastic)

Named water bottle

Morning snack (no nuts)

Sun cream applied before school . We will not be able to provide sun cream and the children should not bring theirs into school.


Please don't worry this is not the only communication you will receive!  We will keep you fully informed of all our plans as time continues.  We are sending this out to everybody in the year groups and it does not mean that we anticipate what your decision about your child returning to school will be.


Thank you


Lucy Macey

Is your child due to start primary school in September 2021 - if you would like to arrange a meeting with Mrs Macey please the school office to arrange a time.