Football and Netball friendlies away at Awbridge

On Wednesday 4th November our children went to Awbridge School to play football and netball friendlies

I recommend that you read the match reports written by Will Walters and Joseph Hammond ( Year 6)


Awbridge Football    

On the 4th November 2015 we travelled to Awbridge play some friendly football matches. First the year 3/4 match. The starting line-up was Sam E in goal, Mackie, Jake, Sam W, Ashley and Charlie outfield. We started off well with Ashley scoring 2 early goals and Jake P getting a well-earned hat-trick.   

In the second half we started well scoring another 4 goals. Awbridge clawed one back with a debatable free kick. The score at full time was 9-1 to us a brilliant performance and sportsmanship shown until the final whistle blew.  Man of The Match Jake P



The year 5/6 match was expected to be a good one. The team was Joe, Freddie, Will, Archie, Max, Robert and joseph. The first half was extremely attacking for us, we probably racked up 10 or so shots on target in the first half, but Awbridge stood their ground. Some solid defending by Joe, Freddie and Will. Even better attacking by the front 3 got us to 0-0 at half time.


The second half was even better. Another dozen or so shots on target lead to a first goal, Joseph bursting through to break the deadlock finishing in the top corner of the Awbridge net. Then Max came off in replacement for Robert. Now it was Freddie’s turn to strike an absolute blinder from miles out into the left-hand bottom corner of the net. Archie came off in the dying moments of the game to allow Max a go  several corners by defenders Will and Freddie and an all-round fantastic performance secured a 2-0 victory for Broughton at full time. Man of The Match Archie.