Awbridge v Broughton Netball and Football

On Wednesday 9th November Broughton Primary school went to plat at Awbridge for a football and netball match. There was a year 3/4 match and a year 5/6 netball match. The Awbridge netballers were tough but year 3/4 won 6 nil! It was really fun at the time, although a little cold as well. Everyone got a bit nervous when they got there but it was really fun!

By Beth Chapple (Year 3)


It was cold and dark just like a typical November evening but everyone was excited. The year 3/4 match was up first and Awbridge had quite a few good players but it didn’t matter at all. Jake P in GA and George in GS were an unstoppable attacking duo. The defence was also solid at the back.

By Jake P (Year 4)


On the 9th November we played a netball match against Awbridge. Annabel was goal attach and Aaron was centre. They were great at attacking. Alexandra was goal defence and tried not to let anything past her. Everybody in the team played very well even though we didn’t win. We are looking forward to playing them again when they come to us.



We went to a football match at Awbridge and the team included Badgers and Foxes. I was part of defence with Mackie until half time. Obviously we smashed it with Luke and Freddie in attack. They out ran them all! Awbridge played well and we enjoyed our friendly.

Tom L (Year 6)