19th March 2020 - update

Thursday 19th March 2020


Good Morning!


Key Workers – We are awaiting a list of occupations that are included. At present, there is a meeting arranged at 12.30pm where all the cluster school head teachers are getting together to discuss ideas for ways forward. As soon as details are clear we will let everyone know.


Work for children- From Monday there will be work available on our class pages for children for all classes. We are planning that it will take the form of a daily power point and will be structured as a school day would be. There will be daily Maths and English tasks as well as all other subjects. This will be regulated and monitored on a daily basis and we take the same approach with this work as we do to the work that happens in school on a daily basis, i.e. it will be planned and differentiated accordingly.


We know that all families have access to a computer, for mathletics, and we are aware that multiple users for one device may need managing. We would request that parents organise the computer use with their children, since this is not something that we can do remotely.

We will keep printing to an absolute minimum and we will give children a book to complete work in.


We are aware that this process may need tweaking as we progress through the coming weeks. The way we work will be based on our knowledge of your children and the decisions that we feel will be best to provide the best and most worthwhile learning opportunities. Likewise other schools may do something different, for the same reasons. We would ask that we don’t hear about other settings offerings, we will keep our finger on the pulse and change accordingly as necessary


Today the children in Badgers and Foxes class will be bringing back a selection of books from the library to read over the coming weeks. When Miss Morris is back tomorrow she will organise Otters and the same in Squirrels with Mrs Meron.


If you feel that your children need stationary items to work at home, please e-mail the office and we will organise this.


I hope this adds a little clarity. We will e-mail further at the end of the day



Kind regards


Lucy Macey- Headteacher