18th March 2020 - update

Wednesday 18th March – Update


The news today is that schools will close on Friday

I really do not know more information than that at the time of writing. We will await further information from the Department of Education and clarify the situation tomorrow.


In the meantime…..


We’ve had another productive day at school, the sun’s been shining and the children smiling!

My highlight was joining in a rousing rendition of ‘happy birthday’ twice with the Year 1 girls whilst washing hands and seeing Mrs Cantelo covered in sticky weed, like the monster from the black lagoon, chasing some Year 5’s around the playground! It just so happened that I was showing some prospective parents around at that point- who thought she was brilliant too!


Thank you

The cleanliness of the school is vital and all our team are working hard to protect the children. Our site manager, Ally Boulton is also interrupting her day to do a midday clean of facilities and an extra cleanse of all the commonly used fittings, such as door handles. I’d like to thank them all for their care and diligence.


Clubs: Science and Strictly are running tomorrow (Thursday) and colouring on Friday.


No Celebration Assembly on Friday

For obvious reasons we won’t be inviting parents to assembly on Friday, but we will still get together as a school to share successes and find out the all-important merit totals!