Broughton Village goes PoP for the Philippines!!

Broughton “POP”s up for the Philippines


Broughton Primary School joined the wider community this weekend and POPped up for the Philippines.  The catastrophic typhoon in South East Asia inspired the children, staff, parents and governors of the school to join together with the community to raise over £1350 for the Disaster Fund.


Sue Lydeard, Chair of Governors, said “If we were in the Philippines it would be obvious what work needed to be done, but we can’t be there so we ‘worked’ here instead”.  Everyone in the village pledged to work or gave produce that they had made or grown and the sale of P.O.P. (Pledges Or Produce) raised £900 in a couple of hours on Saturday morning.


The children at the school also covered the letters HELP in coins and, with generous donations to the fund, the combined total raised on the day was over £1350 and is still rising.  Sue said afterwards, “I’m thrilled with the response and generosity of the Broughton community and it’s wonderful to think that selling pledges for many day-to-day chores will directly benefit the people of the Philippines who have lost so much”.