Internet and eSafety

Please see below for the latest updates about our eSafety provision, eSafety Parent/Carer meetings and further support.

Parental Controls Booklet

National Online Safety Guides

Online safety during home learning

Below are links to websites which have a variety of activities you can complete with your children during the home learning time to remind them of the importance of being safe online and how to stay safe.

This link has a variety of activities you can complete including creating a family agreement, taking part in online safety quizzes (which could be done individually or in a competitive situation to make it more fun), and an activity to explore screen time and finding a balance.


Support for parents/ carers: - This website gives specific guidance on apps or popular trends (ie Tiktok, Houseparty  etc). You can search specific apps and it gives them a suitability rating and gives advice on how to make the app ‘safer’.

Advice on particular topics (internet gaming, internet assisted devices etc.)

A toolkit with advice on how to tackle tricky conversations

Internet Safety

Here is a list of websites that could support a discussion about internet safety:

This website is really good, it has videos and games to talk about the dangers of the internet. It can be done by the child on their own and then the child and adult together

This website has some good talking points

This website has some good top tips to go through with your child and you can also create a cool avatar.

This website has some good discussion points that you can talk through with your child and come up with a home agreement.