Keep Hampshire Safe this half-term

Hampshire County Council has asked us to share the following important public health message with you all:

Coronavirus infections are continuing to rise, and Hampshire is on ‘Medium’ COVID alert level.

We need your help to stop the spread of the virus, so please continue following national public health guidance this half term.

Remember ‘hands, face, space’ and the Rule of 6: which means no large gatherings indoors or outdoors.

Let’s all work together to Keep Hampshire Safe.

Dear All, 


We are re-sending the information about the start of term to ensure that you have all the details that you need.  In addition to this we would like highlight the following:


Your child will need to bring 

A named water bottle

A healthy snack (Year 3 upwards)

A coat every day

A pair of  named wellington boots  (to remain in school)

A packed lunch if not having a school dinner


They WILL NOT need to bring

Any bags

Any acre clothes or trainers

Any stationary

Any electronic devices 


Please make sure your child is wearing the correct school uniform, we were flexible about this before the Summer holiday but now we need to ensure that the children have the clear message that school is back to business and the rules apply regarding uniform and hair styles. 


Please begin to talk with your child about the routines in place, this will be particularly important if they have not been in school since the beginning of Lock-down.  Their teachers will be there to greet them on the 1st and subsequent days to help them with the routines.


You will notice that there are additional sinks outside the building to ensure excellent hygiene procedures - we will talk to your children about these.


Please note - there will be NO before and after school clubs for the first half-term.


We look forward to welcoming everybody back.


Kind regards.


Lucy Macey 




Useful links:


Online safety during home learning

Below are links to websites which have a variety of activities you can complete with your children during the home learning time to remind them of the importance of being safe online and how to stay safe.

This link has a variety of activities you can complete including creating a family agreement, taking part in online safety quizzes (which could be done individually or in a competitive situation to make it more fun), and an activity to explore screen time and finding a balance.


Support for parents/ carers: - This website gives specific guidance on apps or popular trends (ie Tiktok, Houseparty  etc). You can search specific apps and it gives them a suitability rating and gives advice on how to make the app ‘safer’.

Advice on particular topics (internet gaming, internet assisted devices etc.)

A toolkit with advice on how to tackle tricky conversations


Free Home Learning Hub from Ineqe

A free library of resources to support parents and carers helping their children with online safety at home, adapting their classroom-based resources to make them easily accessible for all..

Home-Learning Hub Link


Net Aware

Latest news and updated content about social networks, apps and games children are using, including information on Snapchat's new mental health feature, having a Netflix party, and information about video chat, video sharing and livestreaming.


Separately: the BBC reports that the TikTok app has introduced new rules which mean under-16s will no longer be allowed to send or receive direct messages and the UK Safer Internet Centre reports that UK video game ratings will include a warning if a game features ‘loot boxes’ or any paid for items that are randomly generated within a game.


Net Aware website: In the news BBC news story: TikTok bans under-16s from private messaging UK Safer Internet Centre blog: Loot box warnings to be included in video games

Is your child due to start primary school in September 2021 - if you would like to arrange a meeting with Mrs Macey please call the school office to arrange a time.